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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is upon us and the kids are excited about getting candy! Here are some safety tips to keep the night fun:

  • Make sure your child’s costume is visible at night
  • Is the costume weather appropriate
  • Have a route in mind, and make sure children understand it
  • If you let your child go with others, have a curfew time. Ask them to check in every so often or call if plans change
  • Discard candy that has come out of the wrapper or the wrapper is damaged
  • Use sidewalks when available if walking
  • If sidewalks are not available, walk against traffic
  • Drivers – pay attention! Kids can come running out of nowhere
  • If having a party, be a responsible host and make sure everyone has a sober driver or has a place to sleep it off.
  • Be courteous to your neighbors. Have a sensible cut off time for loud music/guests
  • Have a great and safe night!

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