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Fire Weather

It’s that time of year again, burn ban/restrictions. This does not include the City of Carrington but one should still exercise caution when having a bonfire or other forms of burning. Now, I know the burn restrictions are not popular but it is a safety hazard for everyone involved. Land owners, other land owners, motorists if the smoke gets thick, the fire department (also a wear and tear on their trucks and gear, which isn’t cheap), etc.

We at Foster County have set our burn restrictions to “very high”, “extreme”, and “red flag days”. The temperature, humidity, amount of precipitation, and wind speed are all things that go in to determining these conditions. The link to the fire index is on the main page at on the right hand side under quick links. I try to post the weather conditions to the facebook page daily as well but if I am unable to do so, they are still accessible via the quick links.

It is really dry right now and it doesn’t look like we are due for rain anytime soon so, be careful with anything flammable. This includes cigarettes. Please do not throw them out the window. Have a plastic bottle with some water in the bottom and stick them in there until you can get to a garbage can. A lot of fires are started accidently by cigarettes. Another thing to consider, even if burning is allowed and you have a fire, put it out completely before you leave it. This means wetting it down, sifting the ashes, and rewetting the ashes until there is no heat coming from them.

Please make sure you are also calling in your burns. I might seem like a pain, but what is more of a pain is when the fire department shows up to put the fire out and can charge money for it. In addition, if it is under burn ban conditions, you could be getting a visit from the Sheriff’s Office.

Lastly, we would all like to thank you for your cooperation and if you do see the emergency management vehicle out at a fire scene, know it is purely for documentation purposes. I have to document all fires per the States request. It has nothing to do with legal action or anything. I am a documenter for the state.

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