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Work Place Violence & Mass Shootings

In light of the recent violent events across the nation, I want to take a moment to bring up some tips to stay safe. Nothing is ever guaranteed, these are tips.

  • Situational Awareness – be aware of your surroundings at all times
  • Know your co-workers – make an effort to  get to know all of your coworkers if feasible
  • Take workplace threats seriously – turn over any information to law enforcement, even if the person saying it says they are joking or something similar
  • Bring concerns to HR immediately
  • Don’t be a jerk – seriously, be polite and respectful to everyone. Bullying doesn’t stop after high school. Treating anyone badly in the workplace is inappropriate
  • Talk to your friends –  if they are having a hard time or are being bullied, encourage them to talk to HR about it
  • “See something, say something”  or hear something, most of these mass shootings, most of the gunmen discussed plans with someone or even in online forums. Someone else usually knows about it, they just may think that the person wont go through with it
  • Review the employee handbook – update as needed
  • Plan for and discuss workplace violence at a meeting. Ensure all employees know what to look for
  • Do the doors of offices lock? Is your workplace cubicles? Is there a safe place to go? These are things to consider
  • Do any employees have their backs to the door or window? Consider shifting desk position so the employee can see who is coming and going. This goes back to situational awareness
  • For windows, look into investing in some kind of cover that blocks people from looking into the windows
  • In work places that deal with emotional or dangerous clients, ensure there is a plan in place in case they come in with a weapon

These are some tips to consider. Again, this is not a for sure way to avoid workplace violence but, some of these tips may save a life. Be careful out there and pay attention to your surroundings!

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