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Harvest/Hunting Season

Good afternoon, Foster County! As you all know, we have officially welcomed fall. With fall come the responsibilities and/or hobbies.It seems like every year we hear about a farming accident or a hunting death. While these things may be unavoidable at times, we can work to reduce the occurrences.

  • Pay close attention to children in/on/around heavy machinery
  • Ensure children/adults know how to behave in and around heavy machinery
  • Keep a cell phone or radio in the vehicle. This allows for communication if something happens
  • Have an expected time to contact a family member or partner, set a reminder
    • If there is no contact, this may alert someone that something has happened & to check on them
  • Avoid touching power lines – especially with farm equipment
  • Drivers should watch for slow moving vehicles that are entering/leaving the roadway
  • DO not crowd the vehicles
  • Use extreme caution when passing slow moving vehicles
  • Early mornings may be foggy, use caution when traveling
    • Always have lights on – makes for better visibility
  • Ensure drivers of semis are trained to do so
  • Obey traffic laws
  • Watch for malfunctioning equipment – there has been a fair amount of fires across the state involving fields or combines or both
  • Ensure your phone is charged before heading out

Hunting is another cause of accidental deaths/injuries. Some tips:

  • If you aren’t sure, don’t shoot
  • Muzzle awareness – never point a firearm at anything you do not intend to shoot
  • The first thing one should do when handling any firearms is to check if its loaded – then check the safety if firearm has one
  • Wear the orange – missing a deer is much better than being mistaken for one and shot at
  • Obey hunting rules/regulations
  • Avoid drinking and hunting – this is a good way to prevent accidental discharges as well as injuries/death
  • If you do plan on drinking, don’t over do it – alcohol can make you feel warmer but it does the opposite
    • It may be wise to put the firearm away (unloaded) if drinking is occuring
  • Avoid arguments with others if possible – tempers flare and it may be tempting to shoot the opposing party – please don’t
  • Obey the start/end times – staying out after can make it difficult for you to find your way back or others in your party to find you
  • If injured, get medical attention right away
  • Take hunter safety if offered
  • Ensure that you know how to operate any firearm you plan on using
  • Check if its loaded before cleaning – unload before putting firearm in vehicles
  • Clean your firearm after every use – this will reduce jamming or misfires
  • If you aren’t sure of your target, don’t shoot it – Yes, this is worth repeating
  • Let someone know where you are going and when you plan on being back
    • If plans change, let that contact know
  • Dress appropriately and in layers – better to be safe than sorry
  • Ensure your phone is charged before heading out

I hope you all have a very productive and enjoyable harvest/hunting season!

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