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Fall is approaching rapidly

Good afternoon, Foster County and company! I do apologize for the lack of activity on the blog, thank you for your patience!

Fall is approaching, most of us think of cozy sweaters, apple cider, leaves changing, and the return of football. Go Bison! Fall is a beautiful season! Some things to consider though; this is about when the kids go back to school (sighs of relief for parents, I imagine) and harvesting the fields takes place. This means additional traffic on the roads and more hazards.

Let’s talk school buses first. These are hauling precious cargo, they make frequent stops, and are out about the same time as the rest of us are either going to work or going home from work. This increases the chances for an accident. Please pay attention to the road and watch for buses.

Buses are required to stop for railroad tracks, so keep that in mind. Additionally, it is unlawful to go around a stopped school bus that has the flashing lights on and the stop sign out. It is a $50 fine and six points off your license. You could also hit a child. Both of these things are not worth not stopping for.

If you plan on passing a school bus that is in motion, make sure it is safe to do so, the road conditions are good, you are in a passing zone, and weather is not an inhibitor. Fog, snow, and heavy rain may cause visibility issues. Allow additional travel time, be patient, and keep our kids safe!

For additional information, please click:  School Bus Info from the Highway Patrol

Another thing to be on the lookout for is slow moving heavy machinery. These vehicles are usually doing under 40 and can take up most of a lane of traffic. Hills or curves may hide the hazard and it can come up fast. Slowing down and watching the road are some good tips to work to reduce accidents.

In addition, watch for trucks hauling/trucks entering signs and the trucks. Dont tailgate a semi or try to turn the same direction as it at the same time. They may not be in the turn lane because of the turning radius. Be careful when passing and only pass in passing zones. Take weather and road conditions into account. Safe travels, Foster County!

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