Foster County Emergency Management

Road Issues & Accidents


Recently, a friend of mine was killed in a motorcycle accident. This prompted me to think about a few things:

1. The distracted drivers, aggressive drivers, and the inattentive drivers

2. Motorcycles and others on the road

3. Weather Conditions and other hazards

I bring up the recent death of my friend because it brought the accident to my world – more personal if you will and it brings up some issues that we see on the road every day.

You may wonder what the above has to do with emergency management, there is a link. An accident with a truck or train hauling hazardous material can impact more than just those involved. Anhydrous trailers and other forms of fertilizer are out and about on our roads, situational awareness on all drivers may help prevent or minimize accidents with farm equipment/trailers. This keeps our emergency responders out of danger, keeps traffic moving, and may help get everyone to their destination

So, this summer, lets try to keep Foster County safe and keep your family safe when traveling. Be aware of what is around you, buckle up, and don’t text and drive.