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More travel tips

Many of you may wonder why I post earthquake safety tips and other tips for hazards that are not in North Dakota. I promise there is a good reason for this. Summer is a popular season to travel around the country or even the globe. Disasters can happen at any time and being away from home qualifies travels are a “vulnerable population”. Locals know what the hazards are and where to go for safety but travelers do not usually have this information. In some areas that get tsunamis, the locals know when the ocean starts doing weird things, it is time to get out and away.

Some safety tips for traveling:

  • Take the time to do a bit of research on where you are headed – even if its just a few states over – take a look at what the potential hazards are and plan accordingly
  • Ask hotel/guest services where safe places are – tornado shelters, what to do in case of an earthquake or hurricane, etc.
  • Make sure you have forms of identification with you at all times – and that children know phone numbers
  • If possible, have a charger – like the ones that can store power – in case of a large outage
  • Texts get through better than phone calls – send a text to family and save the phone lines for emergency personnel
  • Keep your gas tank above half a tank – you just never know
  • If an evacuation order is given, take it seriously

That is all for this lovely Friday. Stay safe and enjoy the weather!


One thought on “More travel tips

  1. Great information! I’m so glad you’re writing helpful articles like this. I placed a link to your article on my Facebook account and already have several hundred views. It feels good to have an Emergency Manager for Foster County who watches out for us whether we’re at home or traveling elsewhere. Thank you so much for your dedication!


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