Foster County Emergency Management

Storm Season


Storm season is officially upon us. June happens to be Lightning and wildfire safety month. Emergency Management is going to provide some information on lightning and general storm preparedness.

Contrary to popular belief, lightning can strike the same place twice. Multiple times, really. One has to wonder how many times the Eiffel Tower has been struck, or skyscrapers, lakes, and the list goes on.

There are different types of lightning – Cloud to ground and cloud to cloud. Cloud to ground lightning is generally the lightning that strikes to any object in its path.

Lightning can strike before and after a thunderstorm has rolled through the area. If you see lightning, seek shelter immediately and wait about 30 minutes after the storm has passed before resuming activities outdoors.

A person can survive a lightning strike, there are potential symptoms a person struck by lightning may exhibit:

The age old of counting after seeing a flash of lightning has merit. A lightning flash with a five second delay is approx. a mile away. For every five increment, add a mile (i.e. Lightning flashes and you count to 15 before hearing the thunder would mean the lightning is approx. 3 miles away)

Safety Tips:

More tips and facts throughout the month! Stay safe and plan ahead!