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Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is usually a chance for an extended weekend, having an additional day off, going camping, fishing, hiking, grilling, going to the massive amounts of sales, and other fun activities. Let’s not forget what Memorial Day really means.

As Americans, we have freedoms. A lot of freedoms. Freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, being able to vote, not having to worry about an oppressive and violent leader, and the ability to protest things we think need to be changed. We have our Armed Forces to thank for our many freedoms. Please keep our servicemen, past and present, in mind. Take a minute to thank them whether it’s a family member, a friend, a colleague, or a memorial of a fallen servicemember. These brave men and women are out there protecting us and those who don’t have a voice. Many have given the ultimate sacrifice for you and I.

Now, it is nice to have an extended weekend and do fun things with families. Here are some safety tips for this weekend:

  • There will be a large amount of traffic on the roads, please be courteous and forgiving – road rage solves nothing and can end with tragic results
  • I wish this went without saying – Do not drink and drive. Have a designated driver – take one for the team and make sure everyone gets to their destination safely
  • Buckle up – this eliminates the chance for a seatbelt violation. Accidents happen, no matter how good of driver you are. Let’s give our responders a break by being safe and responsible and try to minimize injuries in an event of an accident
  • Watch for construction – if you are traveling, in state or out of state, check the Department of Transportation website for that state (those states). Usually the DOT posts where construction is. Plan your routes around if possible
  • Slow down in construction zones – Construction crews want to go home to their families
  • If you can, move over for emergency vehicles on the side of the road  – in some states, this is a law
  • Fireworks – Be careful with letting children and intoxicated people handle and set off fireworks
  • Boating – Sober driver, please. Life vests should be worn or at least on the boat. Children should always wear a life jacket that fits properly
  • Watch out for others using the water
  • Be aware of the weather – those of you sticking around, we have a good chance for thunderstorms on Monday. Even if it looks like a nice day, that doesnt mean it will stay that way. Locate shelter before you set off for your activities
    •  Anyone remember a few years ago the 90 mph straightline winds, the heavy rain, the hail, and the impressive light/sound show mother nature set off in Fargo a few Memorial Days ago (2011 Ithink)? that came out of nowhere
  • If you hear tornado sirens or a weather alert via cellular device, get out of the water and into a solid building or shelter
  • We all know it is kind of fun watching storms roll through. Be careful and in the event of a tornado, seek shelter in a basement or tornado shelter if available
  • If fire is involved, check with local officials if fire will be allowed. Some places prohibit burning in certain conditions
    • Please watch children and intoxicated people – especially if around water

Have an excellent Memorial Day weekend and stay safe, wherever you are!


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