Foster County Emergency Management

Cyber Security


As promised, here are some tips to keep you and your information safe and to know what to look for. Please keep these in mind if you have elderly loved ones who have a computer or a smart phone.

The internet is great! Cat videos and tutorials on how to do pretty much anything under the sun. The internet provides us with a large amount of information on any subject. Unfortunately, not everything we read on the internet is true and those banners, hate to tell you, you are not the “1 millionth visitor” to the site and that e-mail you got from someone overseas claiming you are a long lost relative about to receive a lot of money is a scam – an older scam but apparently still in circulation. Clicking on these links or downloading items or giving your bank information can have consequences ranging from a virus to someone accessing your computer or sites that are masquerading as a legitimate websites asking for your login information. What you post on Facebook can stay cached forever. Information posted about military flights, deployments, etc. can jeapordize our troops. Putting your vacation plans online can get your house broken into.

Some tips for safe internet surfing and keeping your computer secure:

These are just some tips for safety and security. Another thing to keep in mind – keep your antivirus software up to date and scan often.

Thank you everyone for taking a look at this.