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Severe Summer Weather Awareness

It is finally starting to warm up, the grass is getting green, and school is a month or so from getting out. Seems like the perfect time to be outdoors! It is, but its time to think about hazardous summer weather like: tornados, hail storms, high winds, heavy rain, thunderstorms, and heat related injuries.

Being on the water in this beautiful season known as summer, what could be better? Storms can have little advanced notice and a lake is not a great place to have electronics with you. Some tips: Check the forecast before you head out on the water, develop a plan in case of bad weather, and visually monitor the weather throughout the day. If the sky gets really dark or the wind changes dramatically, or the temperature drops rapidly, those are all signs to start heading back to shore. It could be nothing, it could be a severe thunderstorm.

Some things to think about before heading out:

  • Does the facility/location have an outdoor early warning siren?
  • Does the facility offer shelter in case of bad weather
  • Does your phone get reception at this facility
  • Did you bring a radio, even if it is just for the beach or cabin

These are ways to get notified and find shelter that you have pre-determined so if the weather gets severe fast, you will know have a plan and a spot or two to go to in case of high winds, tornadoes, or hail.

I will post more throughout the week about severe summer weather. Please feel free to leave your stories and tips. Thank you!


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